FamHenk alliance/ leader Henk ze broer

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FamHenk alliance/ leader Henk ze broer

Post  Great Wolf Porthos on Wed 2 Apr 2014 - 7:16

My lords,

I hereby inform you all of the negotiations with the alliance leader of Famhenk. Clapping 

My lord,

I would like to invite you all in our alliance. It has a big forum, open after 14 days of every newcomer.
Since you are leader now it could be possible if you want to take a pack leaders function (in about 14 days available)..
A very high rank in our organisation.
This will gives you the opportunity to lead a group, but only if you want to, and are active.
About our ranks, we earn our promotions and ask for it.
More you can read on our alliance page and much more in our forum later. Much to be learned, read and seen. So i advice you to read the alliance page for sure.. Of course you are all welcome at our skype sight vixvex. Or "friends of Porthos happy chat".

We fight for honor and glory! And we find it dishonorable to become inactive. Vacation mode is excellent, but please do not become inactive. After 30 days inactivity we have to expel.

If you go to the alliance tab and fill our alliance name, and tell who you are and you come from Henks Family I can welcome you ASAP.
Look out! One can not be member of 2 alliances, so you must go out FAMHENK first, before you come here.

For honor and glory!

Great Wolf Porthos
Henk ze broer 01.04.2014 20:27:00

As I have not been presented with any objections regarding a joining of your alliance, I propose we continue this path.

I (we) are curious as to how you propose to continue from here.

Henk ze Broer, capo di tutti capi.

 study Howl Clapping Howl Shake hands Drinking 

Great Wolf Porthos

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application honored!

Post  porthos on Fri 4 Apr 2014 - 0:45

Noble Lords,

After many adventures, battles and the forging of a cosy alliance (that of the noble "Henk's Family"), I find me and my Alliance in need of stronger allies as ours is withering away at the fringes of the known Universe.

I therefore wish to join your mighty league as I have learned that this Alliance holds the same values we had.

In joining, I'll vow to help this group to the best of my abilities and in return only wish for -and would indeed be honored to have- the noble title and rank of "Henk ze Wolf".

May the Force be with your decision-making and hope to join you soon,

the now orphaned Henk ze Broer

(former Capo di tutti Capi and Life of the Party).
Great Wolf
Great Wolf

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