Introduction of government of the StarWolves alliance

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Introduction of government of the StarWolves alliance

Post  Admin2 on Sat 5 Oct 2013 - 19:42

CLASIC PACK SYMBOLS from Star Wolves History
and WARHAMMER 40k rules

Updated NEW Logos and symbols:

Old version.........................and..................... modernized version
by GreatWolfVladimir
(tribal tattooes + few hours of work for make from some of them StarWolves logoes)

size 80x80
Re-Edited Logo of Pack Leader and his flag
Shoulder Pads
Pack Leader
choosed path of his pack and his honor
Pack Leader Rank,
signature, pack name
 Elder of the StarWolves
Head of the Wolves Chapter
 Leader of StarWolves

Color in GreatHall
(in chat room)
Dark gold
 The Lost Young  

Worship otherside  Paladin Worship 
Worship otherside Worship otherside   Worship Worship
(Top secret identity)

Color in GreatHall
(in chat room)
Shine goldie
Right paw of the  

 Chairman of the  GreatCouncil

 Pack path:
 Pack Leader of the
1st company of the StarWolves

"The Black Watch"

Color in GreatHall
(in chat room)
 Lime green

Japaneese figures. Read from the top left: Power, Wolf, Shield, Sword.
 Lord of the tactic
strikes and advanced
planing of battle

Pack path:
"Quiet Assassins"
The death from
 the shadow.
Blaiser Torin
Pack Leader of the
2nd company of the StarWolves

"The Silent Blade"

Color in GreatHall
(in chat room)
Lime green
Ambassador of the  StarWolves 

 Lord of the trading  hall 

  Pack path: 
 "Advanced  Diplomacy"
Wolf Lord Patriot
Pack Leader of the
3rd company of the StarWolves

"The Pure Starmen"

Color in GreatHall
(in chat room)
Lime green
 Fallen Angels
(Red Moon Wolves)
Fallen Pack Leader
"Kozzie the WidowMaker"

Fallen S.D.C. archangel,
who left us by return back into his realm
 Shadow Stalkers

Fallen Pack Leader
"H1r3n the Stalker"

Lord H1r3n dissapear somewhere in Andromeda galaxy
 Iron Wolves
Fallen Pack Leader
"Coldhell the Ice-Fist"

He fall in great WAR with Covenants in FORNAX universe
 13th company
Fallen Pack Leader
"Lycan the Legend"

Lord Lycan dissapear in darkness of deep space in Fornax universe
 Silver Blades
re-borned Wolf Lord
of the 4th Company
"The Silver Blades"
 Silent Blade
(Death Wolves)
 Fire Wolves
 Luna Wolves

 Sky Claws

 High Wolves Lords
Generals of StarWolves

 Color in GreatHall
(In chat room)
Pure Blood Red


Honorable great warriors and battlepriestess which left StarWolwes in past in deep times or in wars. Re-borned into the half-mechanical body of ancient technology. "They live again"
"Remember the dead...

Color in GreatHall
(In chat room)
Ancient Purple
Old Leaders of the packs, the packs were taken over by a new leader, but their names will never be forgotten.

Noble and great pack leaders, fallen in deep times. We remember on them as on the best friends and battlebrothers. They are missing, but we fight with the idea of ​​these heroes of our wolves chapter.

Jiriki BlackMane
(co-founder of StarWolves, second GreatWolf and
old leader of The Black Watch)

Cronos the IronPriest
(Co-Founder of StarWolves,
Highest Priest of Wolf Temple)

(Third GreatWolf and
hoot-blooded warrior,
on throne in deep times
of the StarWolves, defender
of wolves top secrets)


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