l 5 l - The Fifth Column (new diplomacy in ANDROMEDA)

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l 5 l - The Fifth Column (new diplomacy in ANDROMEDA)

Post  GreatWolfVladimir on Wed 27 Jun 2012 - 5:07

From: Ekdar [4:401:5]
To: GreatWolfVladimir

Thanks for the invitation to join your alliance.
I currently do not want to change alliances. I appreciate the invitation,
but I am working with a couple of my members to strenghten my alliance.
I would have no problems getting my alliance to agree to a N.A.P.
with your alliance and maybe in the future I may ask to join.

Again thanks for considering me for your alliance
and please let me know if you are agreable to a N.A.P.


From: GreatWolfVladimir
To: Ekdar

Greatings Best Friends


When I was on crusade acros this sector of Galaxy, then I saw your territory
and my ambassarors saw your alliance ...
Your alliance can have a good potencial for the future as we saw,
but for this moment is very small, we must ask if that is your path
and your tactic to be small, or if your alliance is young?

Noble lord Ekdar,
We the StarWolves ask you for open cooperation between your
alliance and alliance of the StarWolves.because its looks like ours path can
be same, and we can fight in future side by side on battlefield against enemies,
if that will be necessary for good of all of us.

N.A.P. is something that we canot agree,
because that is too hard to keep between big alliances.
We the StarWolves comes from FORNAX and from there
we have one big experience.... N.A.P. not works....
there was only friends or foes.

Noble lord Ekdar, what we can offer to you is full and opened ally and friendship.
Only that way we can cooperate and grow as friends, and we the StarWolves can
help to you and your friends when you need that , perhaps in good trades.

Please be welcomed on StarWolves alliance pages,
as quest in room of EMBASSY HALL,
there we can open a trade routes between ours alliances.

In StarWolves alliance is diplomacy open and in public,
then please, if that is your wish, inform your friends about this
diplomacy message. All StarWolves can read this too,
and soon all will know result of ours diplomatic talks.

Leader of Star Wolves
Planetary system FENRIS
Main stronghold -the Wolves Fang-
Great Wolf
Great Wolf

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